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Bathroom Ideas For A Fresh Bathroom Design


Bathroom ideas can range from the inexpensive to expensive and from the simple to extravagant. If remodeling an outdated bathroom, it can become quite a process become very expensive. Sometimes redecorating the bathroom before going through an entire can be a simple way to enjoy the space again. There are a lot more bathroom ideas and possibilities for a larger space than for smaller bathrooms.

Big bathroom ideas

Larger bathrooms open the color, floor plan, and furniture possibilities. Dreaming about that oversized, sunken in a tub? It can be easily done in a larger space. Choosing what type of bathroom design desired is another issue when considering bathroom ideas. Do you believe in contemporary or traditional designs? Either can be fun and easily accomplished.


Small bathroom spaces require a little more planning and consideration because space is limited. Certain things can be done to optimize the space available, such as placing all bathroom furniture along the walls to leave a lot of space in the middle of the room. Leaving as much space in the center of the room creates the feel of openness. Also, using lighter colors is a way to keep it feeling larger than it is.

Dark colors tend to make space feel smaller and constricting. Whatever amount of space the homeowner is working with; there is ample potential for an enjoyable, beautiful haven in the home.

Small bathroom ideas are becoming more prevalent as more homeowners renovate their houses. The problem with small bathrooms is obviously the limited space and making sure that the room retains its comfort as well as style. The first way to make a small bathroom seem larger is to choose either a shower or a tub.

Typically in small bathrooms, it is better to have a shower because they take up less space and there are more options as far as the appearance to keep the room feeling open. There are also shower/tub combinations that take up a minimal amount of space, but showers are the best choice. For the tiny bathroom a corner shower can be a great option and add clear glass doors is an even better idea because the view of the bathroom is complete, not broken up by walls.


Also, a frameless shower is a great idea; less structure means less space taken up. Or no shower walls at all and making the entire bathroom the shower can be a fun alternative, although this may require additional funds. The flooring needs to be a certain material and installed a specific way. Small bathroom ideas do not stop there! Natural lighting creates an airy, open feel in a small space and creates more shadows. Using light colors instead of dark shades keeps the room from feeling cramped.

Another great way of saving space is the storage aspect of designing. Floor to ceiling wall cabinets create more storage and utilize the higher space on a bathroom wall that is typically neglected. Installing under sink cabinets is also popular in small bathroom ideas. Additional space savers are towel racks, towel rings, and recessed medicine cabinets.

Bathroom tile ideas are as abundant as the creative homeowner makes them. The type of tile that is going to be used is the first step, and there are many, many options out there. Ceramic tile is trendy among homeowners because of its durability, it is very hygienic, has a long lifespan, and there are hundreds of styles/colors/textures. The only downside to ceramic tile is that it usually needs to be installed by a professional and that can cost the owner more money.

Vinyl tiles are another popular choice for home renovation because they tend to be very inexpensive and can be a do-it-yourself project, which also saves the homeowner money. Vinyl tile comes in a variety of styles, colors, and textures as well, making it an attractive choice. Bathroom tile ideas are not all about what type of tile but also about what color and design which will withstand changing trends, as well as what is best for the amount of space in the bathroom. When laying tile, the owner can come up with their pattern or design, something that fits what they want their dream bathroom to look like.

In a smaller space, it is best to use lighter colored tiles to keep the bathroom feeling open and larger than what it is. There is no deficiency of bathroom tile ideas when remodeling.


Bathroom design ideas vary from luxury to simplicity and modern to rustic. Luxury bathroom design ideas are accessible when the space being renovated is larger because typically luxury bathrooms have big tubs, dual showers, and his/hers dual basins. It is enough to keep it simple in smaller bathroom spaces.

The other choice to be made is whether to design the bathroom as contemporary or traditional. Modern bathrooms usually have clean, straight lines; one color used primarily and leans towards a minimalist décor. More traditional bathroom design ideas use warmer colors, woods and a lot more decorations, such as pictures, wallpaper, and figurines.

Bathroom decorating ideas tend to be more personal and reflect the owner’s personality. If a homeowner’s house is decorated very warm, cozy and quaint the bathroom will reflect that. Using warm colors, personal details such as family photos and having wood detailing keep a bathroom cozy and inviting. Bathroom decorating ideas for the more modern person lean towards the contemporary design ideas.

Contemporary bathrooms contain clean, sleek lines, streamlined bathroom furniture, wall hung basins, free-standing tubs, and a minimalist feel. The bathroom fixtures look best in brushed stainless steel because they appear clean and simple. White bathroom furniture (tub, sink, toilet) is the best in a modern bathroom. It also seems sterile, clean and fresh. Contemporary décor is usually simpler than traditional.

Surface texture rather than images, softer more clean lines and a lot of more modern pieces reveal the inner workings of the toilet/sink/shower whereas before it was unappealing to be able to see those parts of the furniture. Whether traditional, modern, luxury or simple, there are plenty of available bathrooms decorating ideas.


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